As one of the oldest departments of SSE, it provides an arduous academic milieu to the students. Our strengths are our well dexterous faculty members, who are closely associated with each and every student to nurture and guide them to bring out their academic / other talents. The mentor system which is currently at vogue makes the undergraduate students to carry out a project and to publish the same in a well reputedScopes Indexed Journal. So far, approximately around 968 papers are published by department undergrads. 

The integrated theory and practical teaching approach of the department helps to impart an in-depth and profound knowledge on all core courses. Students are provided with bounteous opportunities to engage themselves in Conferences, National & International Competitions, Symposiums, Workshops, Sports, Cultural and more. The Computer Science and Engineering department provides “Earn while you learn” opportunities to students by providing the paid internship offers from many top notch companies. The Past history of our department proves that our students are fuelled with job offers through our well stabilised Placement Training Cell. 

Students are exposed to global challenges by taking up Final semester abroad programme as well as a joint project with well reputed foreign Universities like University of Arkansas, Plymouth University, and Sheffield helm University.


To achieve an academic expertise in both theory and the applications of Computer Science and Engineering by imparting an in-depth knowledge, facilitating research activities and catering to the ever changing industrial needs and societal demands. To correlate the inter-disciplinary pursuits, promote innovations, interpersonal attributes and entrepreneurial skills to enhance the competence and performance of the computer engineers.


  • To nurture innovative ideas in the field of computing and contribute effectively to Research & Development and dynamic needs of industries. 

  • To provide State-of-the-art infrastructure in order to create a talent pool to excel in the fields of specialization.

  • To create a transformative educational experience focusing on inter-disciplinary knowledge, problem solving skills and leadership qualities with effective communication.

  • To provide an environment to develop interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial abilities and committed service to the society along with professional ethics.


  • To apply the knowledge of basic sciences in designing solutions to complex technical problems using modern engineering tools and exhibit professional excellence and ethics.

  • To identify and recognise the specific needs and the sources of uncertainty in industry and to develop the ability to apply the contextual knowledge and emerge as a successful individual. 

  • To appraise the impact of engineering practices on the society and culture of the country and transform them with necessary collaborative and co-operational acts to establish sustainable development.

  • To apply technical skills in emerging areas of computer science and engineering and to self-formulate towards product development, handle real-time problems and become employable engineers.

  • To express themselves with competitive abilities and active communication, get involved in effective learning, understanding and applying new ideas and endure in different and diverse environments.


  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science, with fundamentals of Computer Science & Engineering to be able to solve complex engineering problems.

  • An ability to apply fundamentals of basic sciences in designing and performing experiments and to analyze, interpret the results.

  • An ability to understand the professional, ethical, legal, security, and social challenges and responsibilities involved in the field of computing.

  • Develop technical skills involving computational analytics, software design to enable students to translate knowledge into action.

  • An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems with the help of internationally recognized certifications.

  • Develop Entrepreneurship skills by enabling students to build cooperative effort within teams and one leads to organize and delegate tasks

  • Create an environment to work in cohesion with other profession (such as medical, dental, law and management) and within the same profession (such as Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics and Mechanical Engineering).

  • Students will be well trained in value added programs interrelated to the field of computer science and engineering, sciences and will be ready to participate and succeed in competitive examinations. 

  • Prepare the students to focus on specific domain in the field of computer science (Big Data, data Science, Infrastructure, HCI, Image processing, Multimedia and animation) of their choice and train them to solve real-world computing problems

  • Develop their interest to pursue higher study or research in their choice of specific domain in the field of computing.

  • Use the techniques, skills and modern research tools necessary to practice as engineering professional.