Centres of Excellence

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Wireless Communication Centre for excellence is devoted to creating a new generation of wireless engineering professionals through research. It offers opportunities for faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students to work in research projects. It focuses on wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things. Students are involved in research projects in the development of underground cable fault detection, analysis of routing protocols andanalysis of scour in bridge using sensor networks. It is well connected with several industry partners that help in selection of relevant research topics



Centre of Excellence for Embedded system was established in collaboration with National Instruments, USA . This centre is focused on the research and development of digital medical equipments, vibration analysis and also involved in ocean observatory system in collaboration with National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). 



Laboratory for Advanced Design, Development and Engineering Research provides a single platform for investigating the entire product life-cycle. The centre consists of 33 Lenova work Stations with Design and Analysis softwares like CATTIA and ANSYS. Besides Design software training, the centre is also involved in offering consultancy to the industries.



Advanced manufacturing as the insertion of new technology, improved processes, and management methods to improve the manufacturing of products. The centre is well equipped with CNC Turing Centre and CNC Machining Centre. Various value added programmes offered at AMC. They are Numerical Control (NC), Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Basic Training, CNC Part Programming for Lathe, CNC Part Programming for Turning Centre and Machining Centre.



The Renewable energy Park at SSE consists of a 1 kW wind mill and a 1.5kW Solar PV System. Students of SSE have involved in the complete design, implementation, erection and maintenance of these systems. SSE has organized several open house exhibitions to highlight the advantage of renewable energy systems and about other energy conservation systems, for the benefit of the public, in particular for the residents of the rural folk around.



What initially began as a small group of faculty concentrating on the research in networking, gradually blossomed into cutting edge research in the field of expressive and hybrid networks along with the necessitated research on networking for Internet of Things. This centre supplements the activities of other research and development happening in the area of mobile and pervasive networking along with cloud technology. The centre provides an intellectual environment to the researchers in the department to experiment with existing routing protocols and design and develop new routing protocols based on the customised needs of the application. Also, the work pertaining to Open Flow Networking is at its initial budding stage, the centre expects to achieve excellent optimization results with respect to efficiency in terms of congestion control by separating the packet traffic across data plane and control plane.