Saveetha School of Engineering offers under Graduate, Graduate and Doctoral programmes in the following Departments. Each department is enriched with experienced, dedicated and knowledgable faculty members. With an extra-ordinary infrastructure facilities and with innovative teaching methods like MILA, Flipped Classes,etc., SSE provides the best platform for the students to excel in their academics.


Department of Computer Science Engineering

As one of the oldest departments of SSE, it provides an arduous academic milieu to the students. Our strengths are our well dexterous faculty members, who are closely associated with each and every student to nurture and guide them to bring out their academic / other talents. The mentor system which is currently at vogue makes the undergraduate students to carry out a project and to publish the same in a well reputedScopes Indexed Journal. So far, approximately around 968 papers are published by department undergrads. 


Department of Electrical and Computer Science Engineering

To tailor the new demands of the world, Saveetha School of Engineering has originated a new department viz.,Electrical and Computer Science Engineering, of course, a paramount initiative. This department is an amalgam of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, where students will concentrate on a wide range of courses like Computer Hardware, Computer Networks, Programming, Design of Electrical Machines, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficient Machines, Biomedical Components, Communication Systems etc. 

The curriculum is fastened by a team of expertise from Ivory Towers and Industry, observing the mounting demands of the industries in mind. This inimitable programme will lead the students to meet the swarming placement opportunities in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Industries. 


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Awarded as the Best Department in our University, we strive to educate and mould highly competent Electronics & Communication engineers capable of designing modern communication circuits with diverse applications ranging from electronic system design to wireless communication technology. 


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

A department that imparts knowledge on the functioning of the electrical equipments as well as the electronic devices. This program is designed to create engineering professionals competent to work in a range of industries like telecom, IT, electronics, Power generation etc.,


Department of Mechanical Engineering

A fascinating department which deals with the design, production and operation of machines. Our students learn the engineering physics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. Join our Mechanical team of experts to become a competent professionals to be placed in in providing solutions to the challenges around us. 


Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering strive to become one of the finest departments both in academics and research. To achieve we encourage the students to pursue research activities during the regular curriculum. The department has all basic facilities like soil Mechanics lab, Surveying lab, Applied geology and Structural geology lab which support in helping the student to carry out their research in various thrust areas like Highway & concrete technology and Water & sediment quality studies. To accomplish these labs are equipped with all facilities necessary for carrying out research. To highlight a few the Geology lab has one of the finest collection of more than 200 rocks and minerals specimen and structural geology lab. The hydraulics lab is equipped with the Hydraulic flume which promotes carrying out research in the field of sediment transport.


Department of Bio - Medical Engineering

Bio- Medical Engineering combines the engineering principles in to medical devices and equipments to improve the medical technology that's available today. It is more related to health care industries and the demand for this field is highly in demand. Join us to become a brain behind the medical machines.


Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology focuses on imparting a comprehensive fundamental knowledge in the areas of Computer Programs, Software Engineering and Technology Applications. In order to enhance the core competencies, the IT department provides a ground for advanced research in areas like Data Analytics, Data Visualization, HCI, Cloud Computing etc. 

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Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering

EnEE was established with a higher aim to provide solutions to many environmental related issues. We kindle the young minds to be a creative thinkers in providing energy with environmental consciousness. This course gives an insight into Renewable energy, Green Building, and various energy sources . This is a Unique course and is best suited for candidates who wants to redefine the world. Join us to create a better future!


Department of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering deals with the design, function and performance of each and every automotive parts for different vehicles like Trucks, Bus, Cars, Bikes etc. Our University is placed in an industrial zone and we have been sponsored with 2 cars from Hyundai and Ford companies. Students who are highly interested and want to explore more on the insights of bikes and cars are welcome to our department. 


Department of Bio-Technology

Biotechnology is an integration of Technology and Biology especially to foster the R&D to revolutionise the agriculture, genetic engineering, medicine, environment conservation, health care, animal husbandry and many other sectors. This course is designed to impart in-depth knowledge to students pertaining to various areas of biotechnology so as to meet the growing demands of industry and academia. Our Study Flex @ SSE offers students to choose their Course, faculty, and the timing. SSE believes in interactive teaching and our Unique Activity based teaching with Integrated Theory-Lab approach enhances the learning experience of our students. Department not only offers core papers but also provides a wide variety of departmental and interdepartmental electives to enhance their knowledge as well as prepare them to face the new challenges of the world.



Department of Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineers use their knowledge to solve the problems of farmers and the agricultural industry. Studying agriculture is like exploring a wide new world of how things work and how impossibilities can be achieved through passion and perseverance. With the advent of technology and recent Governmental endeavors supporting agricultural studies, its scope has widened. The highly-rich curriculum includes food chemistry, plant physiology, agriculture science, water resource management, applications of biotechnology, food processing, etc.